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Topic Committee Ballot

The ballot is now available for the graduate and undergraduate representatives to the 2014 CEDA Topic Committee.
Only 2013-2014 CEDA member schools are eligible to vote. Membership can be paid online at:
One vote per school. Vote for one person per position.
The ballot will close at midnight, Saturday, April 5.


Rashid Campbell, Oklahoma
Jason Sigalos, Emory
John Spurlock, UC Berkeley
Dan Stanfield, CSU Fullerton
Lee Quinn, Wake Forest

Transfer student reminder

The CEDA constitution places an affirmative obligation on Directors to inform the Executive Secretary of any transfer students.

In addition, the transfer student does not count for CEDA points unless there is a written release from the prior Director indicating (1) no recruiting violations occurred, (2) the transfer is in the best interest of the student, and (3) CEDA points should count immediately upon transfer.

Send the information directly to me at:



Membership and Awards

Two important items: membership and sweepstakes.

(1) MEMBERSHIP. The current list of CEDA member schools is below. Please let me know if there is an error.

Voting Reminder

The deadline to vote for new CEDA officers, topic committee representative, and several amendments, IS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT.
If you are receiving this email, you have an account on the main CEDA site and have voted in the past.
The ballot is available at:

If you have any questions, or if you have trouble accessing the ballot, please let me know.


CEDA Winter Ballot

The winter ballot is now available online at:

Ballots are due by midnight (central), Sunday, December 29.

CEDA membership is required to vote.

The ballot includes election of officers (2nd VP, 1st VP, Topic Committee, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and several regional reps) and three amendments (regarding JV eligibility and diversity in judge placement).

Let me know if you have trouble accessing the ballot.


CEDA's NCA Meeting / Amendments

CEDA's business meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 24, 8:00am-9:15am (Park Tower 8226 - Lobby Level).

There are 6 amendments for consideration. They can be found online at:

If you cannot attend the business meeting, but want to vote by proxy, the form can be found online at:

Amendments must receive a majority vote at the business meeting in order to go to the full membership for a vote.

2013 - 2014 Resolution Announcement

2013 – 2014 Resolution Announcement

77 schools voted. The winning resolution is #7.

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase statutory and/or judicial restrictions on the war powers authority of the President of the United States in one or more of the following areas: targeted killing; indefinite detention; offensive cyber operations; or introducing United States Armed Forces into hostilities.

The final vote was 51-26 (resolution #2). A full breakdown of voting follows.

Initial first-place votes:

Resolution Vote Reminder

Just a quick reminder: ballots are due by midnight (central) tomorrow, July 17.
Vote online at:

If you are receiving this email, your account should be authorized to vote.
If you need someone else to get access to the ballot, just let me know. We can get a new account made quickly.

The winning resolution will be announced on Friday, July 19.


2013-2014 Resolution Ballot

The ballot is now available. Ballots are due by midnight (central), Wednesday, July 17. The ballot can be accessed at:

Only member schools are eligible to vote (2012-2013 membership year).

2013-2014 Controversy Announcement

82 schools voted. The winning controversy area is War Powers. For those interested, here is a breakdown of the votes.

Initial first-place votes

Arm Sales: 9
Definitions: 21
Democracy: 1
IPR: 4
War Powers: 31
Treaties: 13
Poverty: 3

The first-place vote for Democracy was transferred and produced the following new totals:

Arm Sales: 9
Definitions: 22
IPR: 4
War Powers: 31
Treaties: 13
Poverty: 3


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