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Voting Reminder: Due Tonight!

BALLOTS ARE DUE BY Midnight tonight.
This is the same info sent two weeks ago. Just a reminder.

There are several items on the ballot including:

2nd VP: Gordon, Manuel, Willis
Topic Committee: Antonucci, S Elliott, Feldman, Galloway, Kurr, Reid-Brinkley, Ryan, Symonds
Amendment #1: Nonprofit status language
Amendment #2: Grad student representation on the topic committee

Pacific: Skiles, Thompson
Northwest Rockies: Bausch, Partlow-Lefevre
Mid America: Koehle, Moore, Walters
East Central: Delong
Southeast: Shook, Steinberg

Ballots are due by Friday, December 14 (midnight, central). You need an account on the main CEDA website AND the account must be authorized to vote. Please do not wait until the last minute to vote. I will not have consistent internet access on the 14th. If you need your account authorized to vote, just send me an email.

The ballot is available at: