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Topic Committee Ballot Reminder

Just a reminder: ballots for the topic committee (grad and undergrad positions) are due no later than midnight tonight.
The ballot is online at:

If you voted early, and if you voted for Colin McElhinny for the undergrad position, please submit a new ballot. The newest ballot will be the one that is counted.

The original information is below.


There are two positions open for the topic committee: a graduate student position and an undergraduate student. Ballots are due by midnight, April 16. You must be a member of CEDA to vote.
The ballot is online at:
If you have trouble accessing the ballot, double-check that you are logged in. A few people are inadvertently logged out. Logging in again always seems to fix the problem. If you have trouble with the site, please email me.

You will receive an email confirmation after you vote (auto generated by the computer with your vote).

The results will be announced after April 17.


Graduate Students:

Sam Allen, Wyoming
Michael Eisenstadt, UNLV
Kurt Fifelski, UCO
Jeff Kurr, Baylor
Leah Moczulski, Wake Forest
Andy Montee, Florida
William Mosley-Jensen, Georgia
Jackie Poapst, George Mason
Ben Saunders, Pepperdine

Undergraduate Students:

Colin McElhinny, Mary Washington [Withdrew -- please cast a vote for someone else]
Jeff Min, Wake Forest
Clara Purk, Southern California
Colin Quinn, North Texas
Ricardo Saenz, Georgia Tech