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Controversy Ballot Available

The 2013-2014 Controversy ballot is now available. Ballots are due by midnight (central), Sunday, May 12.
The ballot is below and also available online at:
Only CEDA member schools (2012-2013) are eligible to vote.
If you have trouble accessing the ballot, double-check that you are logged in. A few people are inadvertently logged out. Logging in again always seems to fix the problem. If you have trouble with the site, please email me.

You will receive an email confirmation after you vote (auto generated by the computer and will include your vote).

The result will be announced on May 13.


As part of the new topic rotation process, the Topic Selection Committee has also reviewed each controversy paper to determine the most likely genre or category of topic wording. Within each controversy it is certainly possible that different types of resolutions would be classified as a domestic, legal or international topic. The designation on this ballot represents the most logical fit for each controversy area, but the final wording proposal selected by the community will determine if the topic is considered domestic, legal or international.

1. Arms Sales - The USFG should substantially reduce its arms transfers to one or more of the following: (India, israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan). International topic
2. Federal Definitions - The USFG should change one or more of its definitions. Legal topic
3. Democracy - The College Debate Community (CDC) should increase its democracy assistance to the United States federal government. Domestic topic
4. IPR - The United States should substantially reform substantive standards for eligibility in its patent system. Legal topic
5. War Powers - The war powers of the President of the United States should be substantially limited. Legal topic
6. Treaties- The United States should ratify one or more multilateral treaties. International topic
7. Poverty - Direct action against poverty in the United States should be expanded. Domestic or legal topic