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Congratulations to the 2009 CEDA Champion - The University of Oklahoma

Congratulations to the 2009 CEDA National Champion - the University of Oklahoma team of R.J. Giglio & Nick Watts. They defeated the Towson University team of Deven Cooper & Dayvon Love on a 7-4 decision in the final round.

In one semi-final, Towson defeated the University of Texas at Dallas team of Andrew Baker & Brian Rubaie. In the second semi-final, Oklahoma defeated the University of West Georgia team of Vince Binder & Jim Schultz.

In the first ever novice breakout division, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obisbo Nathan Giusti & CJ Young defeated the California State University, Fullerton team of Rachel Macwillie & Christen Trammell.

The top 20 speakers at the tournament (Speaker #, Student, and Institution)

1 Dayvon Love Towson

2 Chris Spurlock Central Oklahoma

3 Jim Schultz West Georgia

4 Brian Rubaie Texas-Dallas

5 R.J. Giglio Oklahoma

6 Vince Binder West Georgia

7 Nick Watts Oklahoma

8 Andrew Baker Texas-Dallas

9 Paul Montreuil Idaho State

10 Nate Cohn Whitman

11 Andy Casey Central Oklahoma

12 Stephanie Eisenberg San Fran State

13 Carlos Maza Wake Forest

14 Matt Coleman Wichita State

15 Eric Robinson Wichita State

16 Kathy Bowen California

17 Lauren Sabino Wake Forest

18 Brent Hamilton Gonzaga

19 John Cook Baylor

20 Leah Moczulski Gonzaga

Congratulations to all of these talented students. Our thanks to Sarah Partlow, Desi Brown, and the entire ISU community for hosting a tremendous tournament. The full results packets are attached to this post.