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End of season information


We are now accepting nominations for the student representative to the topic committee. The student should be available to attend the topic meeting at the University of Michigan June 11-13 as well as participate in the committee's research and discussions leading up to the meeting. Nominations will be open until midnight, April 14th and may be sent directly to me at Once the slate of nominees is set the executive secretary will hold the election in accordance with Ceda rules.


If you did not pick up one (or more) of your awards in Binghamton, and you'd like us to mail it to you, please send me your mailing address. I have received a few requests so far. I will compile the list and have Joe Schatz mail them to you. Awards likely will be unavailable after April 30 if they are not claimed.


You must be a member of CEDA to vote for the student rep/topic controversy/resolution this spring. A few schools did not pay at CEDA Nationals. You can pay via credit card online if you still need to pay (