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CEDA Awards - The National Public Debate Award

1. This award is given to the intercollegiate debate program which, over the course of the past academic year, has best advanced the values of debate in the public sphere through sponsorship of one or more public debate activities including international public debates, multimedia debates, public debates on campus or for community groups, and through general promotion of public discourse to promote critical examination of public issues for diverse and general audiences.

CEDA Awards - The CEDA Alumni Award

This award recognizes outstanding achievement, contribution and service by a program alumna of a member school. The best candidates are those who are not active coaches, but those alumni who embody the best values of debate through their own debate, philanthropy, and leadership. These candidates, trained in debate, should now provide valuable service to our larger communities.

The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm (central), Monday, March 6, 2017.

CEDA Awards - Public Advocate of the Year

The award acknowledges the contribution of an individual during the past year that made a positive contribution to public discourse on matters of social import. The award recipient need not have a direct relationship to intercollegiate debate, but must be someone who has made a significant difference in local, regional, national or international affairs.

The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm (central), Monday, March 6, 2017.

CEDA Awards - The Brian “Baby Jo” Johnston Debater of the Year Award

The annual award named in honor of 1994 CEDA National Champion Brian Johnston is designed to recognize an outstanding debater in CEDA. The ideal candidate demonstrates competitive success and a commitment to represent the highest values of the debate community.

The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm (central), Monday, March 6, 2017.

Winter 2008 Ballot Now Available

 Hello Everyone:

The Winter 2008 ballot is now open.  Vote online at
You must register at the CEDA site in order to vote.  Almost all coaches/director have registered, but if you need a password to register, please let me know.
There are several items requiring a vote:

Debate Summit - Call for participation

The 2008 CEDA summer meetings will be hosted as in Winston-Salem, NC as part of a tremendous set of events, including the 2008 Debate Summit. Please review the attached flyer and consider taking part in this very special event.


News from the 2008 CEDA Nationals Business Meetings at NCA

We have attached the minutes for both the executive committee and the general CEDA business meeting. Many thanks to Heather Walters for agreeing to record the proceedings.

Please review the minutes for a more extensive review of these items, but some of the highlights include:

- Update on the 2009 CEDA Nats at Idaho State University.

- Approval of the bid by Cal Berkeley to host CEDA Nats in 2010.

- Discussion of the 2009 Summer meetings hosted by Wake Forest University.


CEDA Reply to the Chronicle of Higher Education

The following letter was drafted by the CEDA Executive Committee and sent to the Chronicle of Higher Education. We have asked that it be printed as a reply to their recent story.


Proposed Professional Code of Conduct

Attached is the proposed professional conduct amendment. This item is open for public comment and will be submitted to the NCA business meeting.

Please provide your feedback to this proposal.


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