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Topic reps and Topic area voting results

Voting for topic area and topic reps are complete, thanks to everyone for participating.

Congrats to the topic representatives, Matt Struth (University of Minnesota) and Jasmine Stidham (University of Central Oklahoma).

The 2017-2018 wining topic is Healthcare Reform. Complete voting breakdown and voting schools follows.

Round 1

CE: 1
Elec: 7
HC: 12
Nukes: 1
Russia: 6
Wealth: 10
Israel: 8
Labor: 6
Racism: 2
Arms: 6

Round 2

Topic Committee and Area Ballot Reminder --CORRECTION--

Hello all, I made an error in the last email. Both ballots are due tonight at 11:59 PM. Please make sure to vote.

Apologies for the error.


CEDA Topic Reps & Topic Area Ballot Reminder

A reminder that the ballot for the topic reps is due tonight at 11:59 CST. The ballot is here -

The topic area ballot is due this Sunday, May 28th, 11:59 CST. That ballot is available here -



Topic Areas and Topic Reps Ballots

The 2017-2018 undergraduate and graduate topic reps and topic area ballots are open. Please rank your ballot choices. Voting closes 11:59 PM, May 23rd.

Topic Representatives ballot -

Topic Area Ballot -

Spring Amendments Results

The results of the Spring amendments voting are counted.

Amendment 1 - Ranked-Choice passes with 28 votes in support.

Amendment 2 - Amendment Process passes with 30 votes in support.

Amendment 3 - Eligibility passes with 18 votes in support.

Amendment 1 goes into effect immediately and will impact the upcoming vote regional reps, just an FYI.

Ballot for student reps and topic are coming shortly.

Schools voting:

CEDA Spring Ballot Reminder

A reminder that the CEDA spring amendment ballot closes midnight tomorrow, April 28th.

In case you haven't voted:

The CEDA Spring 2017 Ballot is available here -

You can read the amendments here -

If you haven't paid your CEDA dues, now's a good time to take care of that.

CEDA Spring 17 ammendment ballot available

The CEDA Spring 2017 Ballot is available here -

You can read the amendments here -

Voting process closes 11:59PM, April 28th. Must be a 2016-2017 member of CEDA to vote.

CEDA Points

As a reminder, we use the points as calculated on as the basis for CEDA's sweepstakes awards.
Please let me know right away if there are any errors.
You can double-check your point totals online at:

Errors must be reported no later than Friday, March 17.

Email all errors to me at



2016 - 2017 Membership

Arizona State University
Augsburg College
Baylor University
Blue Ridge Community College
Boston College
Chabot College
Colombia University
City College of SF
CSU Fullerton
CSU Long Beach
Emory University
Emporia State
Fullerton College
George Mason
Georgia State
Harvard University
Idaho State University
Illinois College
Indiana University
James Madison University



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