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Affirmative Action Judging 1

Bylaw V. Section 11. Add the following: "The preference system must include affirmative action judge placements for women and racial minorities."


Nonprofit status

Add to the constitution:
Section 3. CEDA is organized exclusively for educational purposes, included, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


Graduate Assistant Amendment

Section IV
Section 1: The CEDA Topic Selection Committee will be responsible for choosing problem areas and writing debate topics. The CEDA Topic Selection Committee will consist of nine members: Two of the following (President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President) three at-large members, one undergraduate student representative, one graduate student representative, one representative appointed by the National Debate Tournament, and one representative appointed by the American Debate Association.


Topic Committee Membership

Bylaw IV. Topic Selection


Topic Rotation

Amendment takes effect: First full topic cycle after approval.


Within each four-year cycle the national topic should reflect a rotation of at least one of each of the following topic categories.
1) Domestic – A topic that relates to issues within the United States.
2) Legal – A topic that relates to a controversy within legal jurisprudence and where the topic wording emphasizes legal research.
3) International – A topic of primarily international relations or policy.


Elim Sweeps Points

Amends Bylaw VI. Section 4. Adds subsection E.

If a division is eligible to hold a partial elimination round, but the tournament is unable to hold the round (i.e., schedule), three points shall be awarded to all of the higher seeds as if the debate did occur.

JUSTIFICATION: Tournament hosts are pressured to hold rounds when it is not in their best interest. This amendment would provide the benefit of the points without the burden to host the round when it is otherwise inconvenient.


Final round panel

Section 17: The final round of CEDA Nationals shall have an odd number of judges, between 9 and 13 as determined by the below criteria.



Article 3, Section 4

In order to maintain voting privileges, institutional members must participate in CEDA nationals within the prior four (4) years or submit a monetary hardship exemption to the executive committee detailing the reasons the member school was unable to participate in CEDA nationals within the past four years. Monetary exemptions are valid for one (1) year and schools must re-apply for the exemption yearly if the hardship is ongoing.


Elim Rounds

Bylaw VI. Section 2. Replace with: "To be eligible for CEDA points, a division must A) contain at least six teams from a minimum of three different schools and B) may set the first elimination round bracket so that half of the teams will advance (rounded down; for example, a tournament with 26 or 27 teams would advance 13 teams to the elimination rounds).


Change the requirements for the chair of the topic selection committee

Current language:

Section 6:

"The chair of the Topic Selection Committee will be a committee member selected by a majority vote of the committee."

Proposed language:

"The chair of the Topic Selection Committee may be a committee member selected by a majority vote of the committee. The committee may also elect a non-voting chair from outside their membership."


To give the topic committee the choice to select an outside member as their chair.



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